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Toronto Metal Warloards Korrosive and 4 Others Slay The Atria

Korrosive perform live at The Atria in Oshawa, ON. Photo Credit: Jay Broderick

By: Jay Broderick

Oshawa, ON - In Toronto's underworld (well, at least in the city's metal scene), a band called Korrosive came on the scene 9 years ago in 2015. I first came across the thrashers in 2022 when they were on hand to support Accept at The Phoenix Concert Theatre. That night, I covered another of the supporting acts, Narcotic Wasteland, for Digital Beat Magazine. Korrosive immediately caught my attention, so it was easy to understand my intrigue when the band played another supporting role for Canadian Metal Pioneers Exciter. It was a show we covered for this very publication, LoudTO!

Fast forward to 2024, and the band are headlining their own tour, thanks to promotor Neurotic Entertainment, who work tirelessly, and thanklessly to bring you local shows for a less than reasonable price. On June 27, Korrosive, with 4 other bands in tow, crashed through Oshawa's The Atria for a night of doom and gloom thrash and death metal.

This is my second visit to this local live music venue, after having covered a night of an Oshawa Music Week show in 2022. The venue is small, but leads to an extremely intimate experience. Case in point, as I arrived at the downtown Oshawa location, the band members were hanging out, chatting with each other, and fans. The thing with the heavy metal scene is that it's a very tight knit community. The bands love their fans, and it allows for fans to get up close with the creators of the music that gets them through their days. It's a really cool experience to witness if you never have. After about an hour delay (not specifically unusual for a small local show), London, Ontario's Sentiment Dissolve kicked things off.

Sentiment Dissolve

Sentiment Dissolve perform live at The Atria in Oshawa. Photo Credit: Jay Broderick

Formed in 2022, Sentiment Dissolve is a newer collaboration featuring Nathan Ferreira on vocals, Spinny Guilbault on bass, Nicholas Luck on guitar, and Matt Johnson on drums. Unfortunately, the band's drummer was unable to make this show, so they had a fill in with an extremely tough assignment. As with most music in the death metal genre, speed is of utmost importance. How would Pete fair in this challenge?

With bassist Spinny in his standard outfit of pink spandex, the band's vocalist in pink shorts and Pete with his rainbow bandana, the band screams into their opening track, and yes, they are fast as hell! Leaning into the Tech Death realm, these guys have nailed down their abilities to shred, fingers flying, and vocals deep and throaty.

Staying true to the metal community, the engagement with the crowd is fun. Ferreira shares some silly facts like the ones about animals defecating on themselves to stay cool and that your eyes always see your nose, but your brain just ignores it. And there are a lot of antics during the music with the singing coming up behind his band mates and goofing off on them. Oh, let's not forget the dancing, unlike anything you'd ever see at a death metal show. A great start to this 5 band event!

Vaginal Addiction

Vaginal Addiction perform live at The Atria. Photo Credit: Jay Broderick

Vaginal Addiction... how's that for a brutal death metal band name? "Brutal Death Metal" being the sub-genre, not the fact that it's a terrible name... depending what side of the fence you are on of course. If you haven't stopped reading, then you'll be on the side of "Cool!". LOL! And the band's name is right on par with the band's style.

Hailing from Montreal, these guys have the crowd head banging with their heavy, driving beat. Despite the very tiny stage, lead singer Benji Rancourt is full of energy. He is all over the place, thrashing, and even getting down on his knees. He even air machine-gun fires into the crowd during blistering snare drum strokes.

With tracks like "Eviserape" and "Disgorquin" (believe me, there are much worse in their catalogue), the band's subject matter is sure to turn off most, but it's not to be taken seriously. I mean the music is real, but the subject matter needs to be taken with a grain of salt. Still, it's understood if lyrically, it's not your cup of tea, but the band put on a show that was a ton of fun, and one of my favourite acts of the night. The love that Rancourt shows his boys, even stating that he's really happy because he doesn't get to see his band mates often, and giving hugs is more evidence that this is all great fun. And it certainly was!!

The Blood of Christ

Christian Roche of The Blood of Christ. Photo Credit: Jay Broderick

Sandwiched in the middle of tonight's show was The Blood of Christ. Also from London, these guys are veterans in the Southern Ontario death metal scene, having been formed 30 years ago, although there was a 9 year split from '06 - '15. With a brand new EP The Sworn Trilogy that was released only 2 months ago, they are primed to keep everybody at this event bleeding from the ears.

Leading off the set with the opening track from their newest EP "The Vow", the guteral vocals of lead singer Christian Roche carry on where the previous bands left off. Musically, however, BOC injects some melodic moments within their songs. For me, this is what sets these guys apart. They're not just full speed ahead at the speed of light. Don't get fooled though, they still have the elements that the fans of this genre are attracted to.

Unfortunately, a few technical glitches with wireless transmitters, and later a guitar change requiring some tuning took the steam back a tad, but the band ultimately kept the momentum moving forward towards tonight's headliners.

Dying Remains

Dying Remains perform live in Oshawa. Photo Credit: Jay Broderick

Ahhhhhhhhh... the rawness of the 3-piece. Tore down to the bone. No fancy fill, just the low down dirt of rock and roll (or death metal in this case). That's exactly what we got from Calgary, Alberta's Dying Remains, and for my money, there is nothing much like it. Musically, it's pure. Visually, it's cool as hell!

When Dying Remains hits the stage, their brand of Death Metal is heard to be a tad different. Vocally, it's growly, but not just "ROAR". The beat is heavy but clean. I'm getting a throw back to the death metal bands of the late 80s/early 90s that first drew me to the genre. Bands like Unleashed, and Bolt Thrower pop into my mind, and I find a smile creeping onto my face.

Guitar leads, solos, hammering and twiddle dee dees by Scott Oliphant are thrown into the mix, and after a bit of coaxing from bassist/lead singer Damon MacDonald, the crowd gets closer to the action on the stage, and we're in for another great set. The rawness of Dying Remains is great! Arguably, the best of the night thus far.


Korrosive perform live at The Atria. Photo Credit: Jay Broderick

There is an element of live music that immediately sets some bands apart from others. Energy, and stage presence are easily noticeable from some bands more than others. Toronto's thrash metal band Korrosive is definitely in this category, and it's easily seen as soon as they hit the stage as the headliners of tonight's show. Opening their set with "Burning Earth 2029", the band shows why they're one of Toronto's top metal acts in the game today.

The Band

Rad Zarei - Vocals

Derek Solomos - Guitars

Jack Neila - Guitars

Nick Radlovic - Bass

Kaveh Afshar - Drums

New Korrosive bassist Nick Radlovic. Photo Credit: Jay Broderick

As mentioned, this is the third time covering a show that Korrosive has been a part of, and every single time, the band goes hard and fast and heavy. There is a constant thrashing and head banging during the set that is relentless. Of course, this one is no different. In fact, some of these guys are noticed doing this even when they are not playing. I noticed guitarist Derek Solomos doing this earlier in the evening between bands while the club was playing Slayer over the speakers. I also caught Solomos at a recent Death To All show in Toronto doing the same. It actually reminds me of myself some 30 years ago, and I can't help but smile.

Ahead of the band's 3rd track front man Rad Zarei shares that a 3rd album is on the horizon and that it will be out in the fall. He introduces a brand new track "In The Name Of Destruction" and they continue on their torrid pace. With the 4th track "Fatal Strike" we see the band line up across the front of the stage, all thrashing in unison as they blast through the song. It's a very cool visual, and adds more proof to the band's stage presence.

Set List

Burning Earth 2029

Terminal Violence

In The Name Of Destruction

Fatal Strike

Evil Dead (Death cover)

Hail The Hellfire

With 5 bands on one bill, each band plays a much shorter set than usual, and seemingly, before we know it, Korrosive's set is over. Unfortunately, I think tonight's soundman made a bit of a blunder as he immediately started chatting over the PA about tonight's show, and future shows at the bar. There was no opportunity given for the headliners to come back for one last hurrah, and I feel it was a missed opportunity.

Jack Neila performs live at The Atria. Photo Credit: Jay Broderick

Tonight's show was jam packed with heavy overload. It was a phenomenal bill put together by Neurotic Entertainment. Unfortunately, there was not a huge crowd here tonight, although when I looked around once Korrosive hit the stage, the venue had a lot more people in it then when we started.

Let me say something now..... there is a lot of animosity towards large music promotors, and the exorbitant fees that are charged to see live music. In times when your dollar literally goes nowhere, everything seems like an uphill battle. Fortunately, not all is lost when it comes to live music. There is a ton of it happening in the Greater Toronto Area, and you don't have to pay ridiculous amounts of money to enjoy it. Local music is alive, in your cities, and you can see it for $40, $30 or even $20. Yes, this event at The Atria in Oshawa was $20. For 5 bands, it's a steal. And it's not only metal. There are blues clubs, and all kinds of other opportunities to see some great music. But it can't be done forever, if you aren't taking advantage of it.

Big up to Neurotic Entertainment, The Atria, and the 5 bands who put on this show on this night! Well played... well played!!!

Concert Photo Gallery

Korrosive Online

show date: June 27, 2024



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