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Death to All Screams Bloody Gore in Toronto

Death to All performs live at The Phoenix Concert Theatre in Toronto, Canada. Photo Credit: Jay Broderick

By: Jay Broderick

Toronto, Ontario - In 1983, the band Death was formed in Florida, and the heavy metal world would never be the same again. A new sub-genre, aptly called Death Metal was born, and the band's founder would become known as the Godfather of Death Metal. Chuck Schuldiner was born on May 13, 1967 in Long Island, New York and founded the band who were originally called Mantas.

In 1987, Death released their debut album Scream Bloody Gore, which is considered to be the first death metal record. While some critics hated it, others loved it. But the album is a stalwart within the genre and well loved by fans of one of the heaviest forms of metal. Sadly, Schuldiner died in 2001 from a brain tumor, but his mates have carried on his legacy through the band Death to All, who frequently hit the road to celebrate the life of the pioneer.

The band's 2024 "Scream of Perseverance Tour" sees the band playing back to back nights in each city. The first night sees the band playing Scream Bloody Gore in its entirety and the second night, the band plays The Sound of Perseverance front to back. On May 30 and May 31, Death to All trucks into Toronto's Phoenix Concert Theatre for this spectacular performance, and LoudTO was there to take in the first night's events.


Flo Mounier of Cryptopsy performs live in Toronto. Photo Credit: Jay Broderick

Ahead of the doors opening, I arrived at the Phoenix at my normal earliness, and chatted with a few guys outside. We talked about everything from the negative stereotypes of metal fans, to "Dad Metal".... wait.... "What the hell is Dad Metal?" I asked, and they slyly responded with "Metallica". LMAO! Is this a thing? I mean, these 4 friends were super cool dudes to talk with, but they weren't exactly 20 year-olds. I guess once you get up past the half century mark, there's little respect. I laughed and said "I guess I'm one of those" and they said "Well, at least you're at a Death concert!!" LOL! The conversations actually got me pumped for the night's opener once the doors sprung open, and we continued the camaraderie once we got inside.

The support for this leg of Death to All's tour was Montreal, Canada's Cryptopsy. In keeping with the theme, the band are also stalwarts in the Death Metal scene, having been hitting the circuits since 1988. Right on cue, the lights went down at 8:00pm, and Cryptopsy hit the stage. They came at the surprisingly sparse (in comparison to most shows I've seen since the pandemic) crowd hard and heavy as hell with the track "Defenestration". Lead singer Matt McGachy, with his hair down to his waist, and his deep growly death metal voice banged his head in a circular motion, hair flying everywhere, and the scene was set right out of the gate.

The band plowed through their first 4 tracks. The crowd banged along with the 4-some on the stage, raged in the fiery pit and headed over the wall. It was a fast and furious start, and only after the 4th track "Slit Your Guts" did McGachy take a moment to greet the crowd. The band offered little in the way of a break for the crowd during their 9 song set, and with their resume, these guys are easily playing their own headlining tours. It was a great start!

Death to All

Death to All performs live at The Phoenix Concert Theatre. Photo Credit: Jay Broderick

I first covered Death to All in March of 2023 for Digital Beat Magazine. Damn! It was one of my favourite shows of the year, and I'd be damned if I was going to miss the band rolling through Toronto in 2024. They were so bloody good, and I was completely gassed heading into this one. I love this thing that bands have had going on in the last number of years where they are dedicating tours to old album releases, seeing them perform the full album, in sequence, front to back. So it was another necessity to be at this show knowing that they were to play 1987's Scream Bloody Gore.

I'm a little confused at the smaller crowd tonight, even at 9:12 once the lights went down for the headliner's. Perhaps the Thursday night, first of 2 nights was a factor? I don't know! But at 9:12, we are greeted with darkness. The chilling, haunting music of the Dead Can Dance track "Windfall" fills the concert theatre. One by one, the band heads on stage. Guitarist Bobby Koelble sports a Voi-Vod tee-shirt, and bassist Steve DiGiorgio with sandals (no socks of course, cuz that's just wrong), and 3-string bass guitar in hand. The absolute coolest!!! DTA then bangs out the opening track of their set "Leprosy" from Death's second album of the same name. The bass is pounding through my chest, and it's LOUD!! The band is on fire! In my experience, there's no reason to expect anything other!

"Fuckin' eh Toronto!! Here we are again! Thank you so much for coming out and supporting metal. And more importantly, for coming out and supporting our fallen brother Chuck Schuldiner!" As is typical, bassist Steve DiGiorgio holds the job as MC, and he greets the crowd. After the mention of the band's founder, the crowd starts into a chant of "Chuck! Chuck! Chuck!", and Digiorgio tells them that their going to play some old shit tonight, like the band's 3rd track "Open Casket". The first surfer comes crashing over the barricade and now the Phoenix is ablaze! There are only 3 security guards on hand and their night is about to get super busy!

Steve DiGiorgio having fun in Toronto. Photo Credit: Jay Broderick

After 4 songs, the band is primed to start the purpose of their evening's work. The bassist let's the crowd know what we're all here for, and jokingly says "If you're a grey hair, you'll know!" and they roll into the opening track "Infernal Death". The little joke from DiGiorgio is actually an element he adds to his repertoire the whole evening, goofing around with lead singer Max Phelps, and even sticking his tongue out at your friendly neighbourhood photographer... yours truly. The man is a legend, also holding down the job as bassist for thrash metal giants Testament. I love watching him perform, and is one of the coolest bassists in the industry.

The crowd tonight is on fire as well. There is a constant barrage of bodies heading towards the stage on the hands of others. I take a look to the side and a fans are thrashing wildly, and air drumming. I even catch site of Toronto thrash metal band Korrosive's lead guitarist Derek Solomos engaged in some heavy air guitar. The crowd is alive as Death to All roll off one track after another until the album's final song, the self titled track. DiGiorgio yells out "FUCK YEAH! Thank you guys so much! You guys are fucking great! I see you!!" He then take a minute to thank the selfless security. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. The security at all the metal gigs in Toronto are phenomenal! Glad to see the band's are recognizing it too!

Gene Hoglan performing live in Toronto. Photo Credit: Jay Broderick

At the conclusion of "Scream Bloody Gore", the band heads off stage. The crowd immediately bursts into a "ONE MORE SONG" chant, followed by a "CHUCK! CHUCK! CHUCK!" chant. Feeling the love, the band returns and the introduction to "Zombie Ritual" blasts over the airwaves. This is actually the second track of the debut album, skipped over during their playthrough of the record, perhaps to throw a little curve ball at the crowd. They burst into a raucous roar, a fiery mosh pit erupts, DiGiorgio continues his goofing around sipping drinks through a straw and there's no show I'd rather be at.

"Pull the Plug" closes out the evening, and sadly it's over!

Death to All perform live in Toronto. Photo Credit: Jay Broderick

Set List


Living Monstrosity

Open Casket

Within the Mind

Scream Bloody Gore

Infernal Death

Denial of Life



Regurgitated Guts

Baptized in Blood

Torn to Pieces

Evil Dead

Scream Bloody Gore



Zombie Ritual

Spiritual Healing

Pull the Plug

Concert Photo Gallery

Death to All Online

show date: May 30, 2024



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