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Updated: Feb 6, 2023

Frankie the Pig, Oshawa Music Week, The Atria, live music, live music photography, concert photography, Durham Region Live Music
Frankie the Pig live at The Atria during Oshawa Music Week

Every year, Durham Region’s own Oshawa, Ontario hosts a live music event that is quite unlike anything I’ve known. This live music event is actually presented by the Music Business Program at Durham College. This holds a special place for me personally as I am a Photography Student of the school, but I also think it’s great that the students have their hands in putting on this weeklong festival. It’s the reason I find Oshawa Music Week quite unique. This event not only features live music, but also hosts educations sessions for anybody looking for a future in music. The event has hosted some notable musical performances such as illScarlet and guest speakers such as Alan Cross over its 22 year history.

The Atria – Friday April 8, 2022

The second to last day of this year’s festival brought me to The Atria in downtown Oshawa. After reaching out to the club’s owner, I was happy to get a thumbs up to come shoot the show upstairs, which featured live local bands:

· Mellohoney

· Black Paint

· Frankie the Pig


Mellohoney, Oshawa Music Week, The Atria, live music, live music photography, concert, concert photography, Durham Region Live Music, Durham College

This “garage rock” duo from the Big Smoke (aka Toronto) got the evening kicked off on a high note. The sound that emanated from the 2-piece was unreal. As I threw in my trusty ear plugs before the show, Mellohoney frontman Dave slyly noted to me “Oh, you got ear plugs? Yeah, you will need them!” and he was not wrong!!!

· Dave Saliba – Lead Vocals/Lead Guitar

· Andrew Charles - Drums

I love to give a social media follow to all the bands I shoot, and these guys have been busy busy busy, playing shows at The Biltmore Theatre in Oshawa, opening up for The Midnight Echo and also a scheduled Bovine Sex Club show on April 22, 2022.

Black Paint

Black Paint, Steven Layzell, Oshawa Music Week, Oshawa Live Music, The Atria, Live Music, Live Music Photography, concert, oshawa concert, concert photography, Durham Region live music
Black Paint Frontman Steven Layzell

In their signature black coveralls, Black Paint hails from Ajax, Ontario. Hmmmmmm… remember a little band called Sum-41 anyone??? The name, the digs, and the sound are all completely aligned for these young men who have been making their mark since high school.

· Steven Layzell – Vocals/Guitar

· Tyler Smith – Bass

· Eric Croteau – Drums

In their young careers, these guys have already played some famous Toronto Venues such as the iconic Horseshoe Tavern. Based on the growing crowd at The Atria on this evening, these guys are definitely gaining some momentum.

Frankie the Pig

By the time Frankie the Pig took the stage on April 8, 2022, it was very difficult for a photographer to maneuver around the venue. It was packed. I never want my agenda of taking photographs to trump that of the fans who are the driving force behind the bands who do what they do. Keeping out of the way was a tad difficult for this one.

· Finn Scott – Vocals/Gutars

· Michael O’Meara – Bass Guitar

· Charlie Sills – Lead Guitar

· Gavin Brown - Drums

With their original setlist, frontman Finn Scott was humbled (and amazed) by the fans actually knowing the lyrics to their songs as he proclaimed during their set. Give a listen to their offerings here. Pretty sure you’ll be singing along as well, before too long.

Got a story from this event, or a memory from a past Oshawa Music Fest? Why not share a comment below? And don't forget to subscribe to our mailing list here:


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23 de abr. de 2022

This week. I. Am stretched on time. To. Appear. When would this. happen again. I am a musician as a guitar player singer, I have live performance behind me as well as. USA exposure to follow

28 de abr. de 2022
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Hello Guest #4801! This is an annual event, typically taking place in April. You could find some contact information on the Oshawa Music Week website at

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