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Updated: Feb 6, 2023

Back in 2018, a friend of mine (a gentleman I worked for briefly but quickly came to truly appreciate and admire his management style, and ultimately his character) invited me to a Blues Festival in the small town of Thorold, Ontario. The festival was called The Canal Bank Shuffle.

As I’ve aged, my musical tastes have expanded exponentially, and there is now nothing I won’t listen to. So when the invitation was presented to me, I didn’t hesitate to accept. Like anybody new to the genre, I had my preconceived notions as to what “The Blues” was, and boy was I wrong!

As a fan of Hard Rock and Metal, I love the speed. The blistering guitar work for me is truly a motivator. Little did I know, and I fast realized my preferred genre of music would not have existed had it not been for The Blues.

Shawn Kellerman, Blues Guitarist, Electric Blues, The Blues, Colin Lapsley, Sean O'Grady, The Blues Studio, Coach & Lantern
Shawn Kellerman and the Men Behind the Beat


I’ve spent quite a bit of time within the Hamilton Region over the past number of years. As a photographer, the Niagara Escarpment is quite a phenomenon, but the age and history of the buildings herein is a passion for me. If only the walls could speak.

In the town of Ancaster, a 200 year old building contains an historical English Pub called the Coach & Lantern, and here, a magical experience happens on Saturday afternoons at 2:00… The Saturday Matinee. A 2 hour musical experience brought to you by The Blues Studio.


On Saturday March 19, 2022, we took the trip to meet my Blues Mentor, and to take in a Saturday Matinee featuring Kitchener native Shawn Kellerman.

*sound of head exploding*

Nothing short of “WOW”! I mean, what a guitarist! Shawn blistered through his 2 hour set (minus a teeny intermission) with support from Chris Wheeler on rhythm, Colin Lapsley on bass guitar and fellow namesake Sean O’Grady on the drums.

Photographing live music is quite a bit different than watching the show. For the most part, you on concentrating on your shots, but I’d made certain on this day to take in the guitar work from this master. And I made clear note that even the supporting musicians were in awe of his talents.

As a spectator (and a photographer), there is nothing quite like a musician who is feeling the music they are creating. As the sounds escalated and the show came to its climax, Shawn Kellerman was literally in the moment. Almost unaware of the full house. Nothing mattered but his music. When his set came to a conclusion, there was an exasperated *gasp* from the crowd.

Shawn Kellerman, Electric Blues, Blues Guitarist, The Blues, The Blues Studio, Coach & Lantern
Shawn Kellerman

Needless to say, the fans on this afternoon wanted more. There are rules to playing later than the allotted time for shows. Especially when in a local establishment such as a bar, or Olde English Pub. A glance over at the promoter of the event, and to the delight of the patrons, Shawn was good for an encore!


Looking for something to do on a Saturday afternoon and you live in the Hamilton Region? It’s a no-brainer. I’d also go so far as to say that it’s even a no brainer if you need to make a 60 – 90 minute trek to this little piece of the world. Check out some scenery, have a pint in a classic English Pub, and listen to some Live Blues.

Ever seen Shawn Kellerman? Got a favourite Blues artist? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts. And if you enjoyed reading, leave a like, a follow, and be sure to share the love!

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