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Newcomers Zero Tolerance Thrash The Hammer

Zero Tolerance performs live at The Casbah in Hamilton, ON. Photo Credit: Dan Duffin

By: Dan Duffin

Hamilton, Ontario - Last Friday night I successfully navigated Hamilton's one-way system and found myself at The Casbah, a small but intimate venue which features local bands, rotating brews and allows guests to get up close and personal with the live music acts. The location can accommodate around 100-120 people.

The doors officially opened at 7pm with the following lineup: Enenra, Zero Tolerance, Itus, Invicta and Korrosive taking the stage at 11pm. My main reason for being at this event was to cover Zero Tolerance, a band I know locally here on the Niagara Peninsula, having met their lead singer Nate Yarrow recently at a photoshoot. The room filled fairly quickly, as people grabbed drinks and headed out on the main floor.


Enenra perform live at The Casbah in Hamilton. Photo Credit: Dan Duffin

The venue was getting pretty full by the time Enenra hit the stage around 8pm with a mask wearing, hair swinging full on performance that really got the mosh-pit slamming with a mix of death and nu-metal. Kyle Young- Guitar, Ryan Martin- Guitar, and Dan of 13 Stitches fame (2005 ish) on vocals. The frenzied crowd loved the energetic performance that set the stage for Zero Tolerance.

Zero Tolerance

Nate Yarrow of Zero Tolerance. Photo Credit: Dan Duffin

Zero Tolerance are a relatively new metal band from Hamilton featuring Eve Copeland - Guitar, Eon Copeland on Drums, Evan Petrie on Bass guitar and lead singer Nate Yarrow also on Guitar. This was an impressive energy filled performance from the band, and many members of the audience joined them on stage by invite to rock, including Derek Solomos of Korrosive. For a relatively new young band, these guys really controlled the room and had the mosh pit lined up for some neck slamming, body surfing action more than once during their set.


ITUS perform live in Hamilton, ON. Photo Credit: Dan Duffin

The final act I managed to see around 10pm was Itus, made up of Brandon Aithison - Bass, Vince Anastasi on Drums, Brandon Lucking on Guitar and Reinier Vandenbosch as lead vocals. Another banging set, Reinier jumped off the stage and literally performed amongst the crowd out in the mosh pit as the band belted out riffs. This is a venue where you really do get up and personal with the artists, and can literally stand on stage with many of these acts. It amazes me every time how respectful and fun metal crowds can be despite the intense energy that they emit.

Unfortunately, commitments prevented me from catching Invicta, and the headliners Korrosive at this particular event, but I was surprised by this intimate venue, super friendly crowds who genuinely appreciated each and every act and very approachable bands who clearly love what they do, and obviously fully support each other's performances. As a photographer my only complaint is low quality DJ lighting which is often an issue at smaller venues.

Overall, an excellent night by promoters Neurotic Entertainment - who organize shows across the GTA and Hamilton, I wouldn't hesitate to see one of their events again and next time I will ensure I can stay to the end to capture all acts.

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Zero Tolerance Online

show date: April 19, 2024


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