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By: Jay Broderick - Back in March, we ran the first of our "Local Music Spotlight" features. The intent of this initiative is to highlight some of the amazing local musical talent that the Greater Toronto Area has to offer. There is a ton of music being made out there, but not all artists get their fair shake. We hope to bring some visibility to the bands you may, or may not have heard of, and with luck, we'll open a whole new world!

22 HERTZ is the creation of Mississauga, Ontario's Ralf Muller. Ralf has been producing and recording his own music since 2000, and the multi-instrumentalist released his first full length album Detonate in 2013. The 9 track recording is a gem of an industrial debut that I put right up there with Canadian industrial magnates Econoline Crush.

It's with 22 HERTZ's 2nd offering Adrenochrome though, that Ralf Muller shines. Muller wears all the hats with his music, playing all the instruments, recording vocals, producing. You name it, Ralf does it. He even self-funds his efforts. With the years of dedication, the November 2023 release is a much cleaner sounding recording, with much higher production value. Another 9 track album, the songs themselves have that same industrial/alternative heaviness, but throw in some 80s new wave sounds such as the track "Wrong", and some thrashy sounding crunch such as "Gravity" and "Imposter", and Muller's personality starts to come through. "Our music encapsulates a range of emotions and experiences, aiming to connect with a diverse audience." says Muller. You should clearly hear some of the influences here.

In addition to Muller's musical prowess, the creator has also self-produced 3 phenomenal music videos to accompany the new album. The talents of this artist seem endless, but how does one manage all this in an effort to play live shows? By using a lineup of Toronto's best session musicians of course! With Muller's heart and soul being poured into this passion, nothing less will be accepted.

22 HERTZ has amassed 200,000+ followers. For a local musician, this is easily understood once you dive into the makers world. It is not by fluke! We'll definitely be keeping our eyes open for some live shows.



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