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Live Animals To Kick Off INIC 2023

By Jay Broderick - On June 6, 2023, Toronto's legendary El Mocambo will host the 15th Annual Indie Night In Canada. This event is devoted to our country's independent musicians, with a means to connect these artists with music professionals in a no holds barred, one night only live event.

Kicking off the event this year are hard rockers Live Animals. Based out of Toronto, Live Animals is a 4 piece that was founded by guitarist Spencer Bailey and vocalist Andrew Healy. New band members Ben Challet on bass and Dave Schattman behind the kit round out the foursome.

In June of 2022, Live Animals released their most recent EP. It's a 5 track release entitled Into The Wild, that follows on the band's first EP (ep)iphany that was released in 2021. Into The Wild starts off with the track "Box Cutter". The raw guitar riffs, and drum beat has a great hook that snags you and pulls you in immediately. When Healy's vocals cut in at the 23 second mark, you know this classic rock and roll sound is going to be a fun ride. The great vocal range, and hard rock screams completely round out a great start to the EP.

The title track "Into The Wild" has another awesome intro with a guitar lick that has you tapping your feet, and nodding your head. This hard driving track continues to highlight the musical prowess of guitarist Spencer Bailey, particularly at the track's crescendo after the 2 minute mark. Healy's vocals maintain that classic hard rock tone that is crucial for the music of this genre. Strap yourself in!

"Pulse" brings the beat down to a slower, heavier pace with Challet and Schattman's beats being the highlight, while "13" is a mellower track that showcases Live Animals' abilities to use the full rock and roll spectrum of varying tempos. Rounding out this superb EP is "The End", which is a great tie in for the previous 4 tracks. It starts at a slower pace that builds ever so subtly over the 4:13 run time.

On June 6, Live Animals will hit the stage at 7:00 pm, kicking off the 7 hour gala. If they're any indication of what's in store for the evening, it's going to be an insanely amazing evening of independent live music. If you are a live music lover (which I know you are), I guarantee, you are not going to be disappointed!

Grab your tickets for INIC 2023 HERE!

Into The Wild Track List

1. Box Cutter 02:49

2. Into the Wild 02:47

3. Pulse 04:11

4. 13 03:37

5. The End 04:13

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