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Barrie, Ontario Punks "Spades GT" Blow Minds at Indie Night In Canada

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Spades GT perform live at Indie Night In Canada 2023. Photo Credit: Jay Broderick

Toronto, Canada - With Indie Night In Canada's 18 band extravaganza winding down, there was still a surprise or 2 in store for the faithful that stuck around through the almost 6 hours event. Shortly after midnight, The Starlight Room stage at Toronto's El Mocambo became the focal point as Barrie punk/thrash crossover band Spades GT took the stage.

Spades GT frontman J.D Pearce performs live during Indie Night In Canada. Photo Credit: Jay Broderick

Spades GT is a powerhouse amalgamation of musicians from various Canadian bands that was born in 2022. Having played in support of such classic Canadian acts like Anvil, and Dayglow Abortions, the public reaction was too much for the band to wilt away into nothingness. In fact, not only did they keep playing live, they released their first album Sewer City Radio last month and they geared up to take on the road and kick ass!

J.D Pearce - Vocals

Dan Horton - Guitar

James Roy Daley - Bass

Tyler Reiner - Drums

Jay Sarrazin - Guitar

At the top of this article, I mentioned that there was a "suprise or 2" in store as the evening wound down. In reality, there really should not have been any surprise, at least with Spades GT. Admittedly, I didn't quite have the band on my radar for coverage on this evening, but I definitely was hitting each act for photos, and to take in the sounds, so I gathered around with the rest of the patrons just after midnight, awaiting the band to start their set.

As these veterans hit the stage and started their set, I thought "DAMN!", and immediately found myself nodding my head to the beat, and tapping my feet to the bass. The tempo was amazing, and this was some wicked cool, old school punk with Motorhead drum beats. These veterans (politically correct for "old dudes" - I can say this cuz I am one myself), had hooked me immediately. The energy coming from the stage was immense, and if anybody in the crowd was starting to get tired from the evening's festivities, they were immediately roused back to life. This was simply one of the coolest acts from the whole event, and I found it close to impossible to stay still to take a few photos. And I certainly wasn't able to pull away to go check out the next band hitting the stage upstairs.

James Roy Daley of Spades GT performs live during Indie Night In Canada. Photo Credit: Jay Broderick

Spades GT kicked some serious ass in their brief 30 minute set, and the reactions from the band members spread an aura that they were completely having a blast up there. I know for a fact that the crowd was having a blast as well. It was so much fun. With a bassist that looks like Robert Deniro (call me crazy), a drummer who comes from the direct blood line of one of the greatest rock and roll drummer's of all time, a singer who screams the epitome of punk and thrash fusion, and 2 guitarists that tap, pull and crunch with the best of them, how could you possibly go wrong?

Let me answer for you.... YOU CAN'T!!!!!!

TURN IT UP!!!!!!!!!!

Spades GT Online


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