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Updated: Feb 6, 2023

Sticks N' Stones at Toronto's Phoenix Concert Theatre

Toronto, ON - On June 9, 2022 John 5 and The Creatures brought their Sinner Tour to Toronto's Phoenix Concert Theatre. Toronto's own Sticks N' Stones was in tow as they opened the show in support of the Rob Zombie guitarist's solo tour (read that review here).

As a live music photographer, I must say, the experience is quite exhilarating. I'm very honored and extremely lucky to do what I do. But for these young musicians, I couldn't even imagine the feeling. For one thing, you are playing a legendary venue in your own city. For another, you are the opening act for one of the greatest guitar players of our time.

Sticks N' Stones Bassist Luke Vasilakos looks like a seasoned pro.

Despite, what I would perceive to be a pressure filled situation, these guys from Toronto played it off as though they've been doing this for 30 years. Of course this isn't the first show they have ever played. In fact they've been extremely busy so far in 2022 playing numerous dates across the GTA, and have even had some run-ins with some other huge names in the business. You know, just your run of the mill guys like Alice Cooper! And they have a future date lined up with the one and only Gilby Clarke. But still... despite their resume, I'm amazed at how cool and collected they were. There is no ceiling here if they already have this kind of composure.


Nicholas Lisanti - Lead Vocals/Lead Guitar

Luke Vasilakos - Bass Guitar/Vocals

Brandon McMonagle - Rhythm Guitar

Besides their poise, I was also kind of taken aback at the length of their set. This was not a 30 minute opening gig. Sticks N' Stones played through a set of an extensive number of fully original tracks. Check out their videos for "Straight Shooter" and "Don't Know How to Love You".

Solo Time with Lead Singer Nicholas Lisanti

For the US leg of John 5's tour, a band called Fozzy was on the bill. This is the band for ex WWE wrestler Chris Jericho and I was frankly excited to see and shoot them. When I realized they would not be a part of this bill, I was a little disappointed. So I settled in to watch this opening act. There's something about talented young artists that gives me chills. On June 9, 2022 a local band called Sticks N' Stones completely fell into that category for me. In hindsight, it was a real pleasure to see them on this bill, and it's another band that I'll now have on the radar. I'm not a music executive who is signing new artists by any means, but my gut is telling me we'll be hearing more of this Rock n Roll outfit from Toronto!

Have you seen or heard of these guys? If not, keep an eye out!


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