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Toronto Doom Metal Outfit ITUS Release New Video "Droner"

By Jay Broderick: ITUS is a Doom/Sludge Metal band based out of our very own "Big Smoke" city of Toronto. The band was formed in 2018, and have released their latest music video "Droner".

At first listen, with it's slow, heavy doom, it brings me to a 90s Alternative Rock band call Sugartooth (a band that I completely loved in the 90s). The track is a great mix of rock and metal with vocals that are not as harsh as the band's 2018 EP Primordial.

According to the band, the track is actually faster than originally recorded to give it a catchier feel. The band states "It used to be so slow and more repetitive, hence the name."

If you like bands like Crowbar and Conan, you're going to want to check this out.

(Warning: some graphic content)


Reinier Vandenbosch - Vocals

Brandon Lucking - Guitars

Brandon Aitchison - Bass

Vince Anastasi - Drums

Details from Asher Media Relations.


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