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Updated: Feb 6, 2023

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Promoting the recent release of their album “Dark Angeles”, Art of Shock hit the road with metal heavyweights Sepultura and Sacred Reich on a tour that was originally to take place 2 years ago. Can you guess the reason for the delay? Of course, the same thing that has put live on hold for everybody.

On March 16, 2022, the Quadra tour brought Art of Shock to Toronto’s legendary The Opera House, and to the concert goers, this opening act brought the power they were desperately waiting for.


· Art Geezar – Lead Vocals and Guitars

· Adrian Geezar – Drums

· Nick Ertel – Lead Guitar

· Brice Snyder – Bass Guitar

Originally from Mexico City, brothers Art and Adrian moved to the city of Lost Angels, and thus sets the backdrop for their new album “Dark Angeles”. It is well known that Los Angeles brings scores of people looking for their fame and fortune and it spits out far more than can be counted.

Art of Shock is determined to not be another failed statistic. And based on the acclamation from this tour, they’re well on their way to prove the naysayers wrong.


Nick Ertel, ART OF SHOCK, heavy metal, guitarist, lead guitar, live music, concerts
Nick Ertel of ART OF SHOCK

Art of Shock was at their Heavy Metal best as soon as their set started. The visuals were as you would expect, but for me, it brought me back to a time when I had hair and frequented many likewise events. To see a new head banging generation on stage, playing heavy riffs, banging the bass guitar, beating the double bass drum set and of course, the growling and screaming. But here, there is more. These guys aren’t just “doing their job on stage” …. they were in the moment and truly enjoying every second of it.

They closed their set with their song “Declaration of War” off their most recent release. Seemed very fitting, considering the landscape the world is in right now. Specifically in Europe and what the Ukrainian people are dealing with. But they're fighting! And so is Art of Shock. Fighting to make their dreams come true.... and it's happening for them!


Standing outside on a chilly evening, I had the joy of chatting with Art and Nick after their set. After I congratulated them on a great show and thanked them for the opportunity to shoot for them, I apologized for the weather. I told them that another couple months, and we’d be in a much warmer climate. But they were surprisingly “cool” with it. See, Nick is from Colorado, and well, Art was just loving being on the road… and there was no storm.

Earlier in the first leg of the tour, they had run into a serious snow storm in which they "Almost died 20 times". LOL! Clearly an exaggeration but treacherous weather nonetheless. One of their shows ended up getting cancelled due to the poor weather. Crowbar (a 4th band on the US destinations) failed to arrive and the headlining act, Sepultura arrived quite late. As such, they were grateful there was not a similar scenario here in Canada.


Art Geezar, ART OF SHOCK, heavy metal, live music, concert photography
ART OF SHOCK frontman Art Geezar

It was a real pleasure for me to have these guys add me to their guestlist to photograph the Toronto date of their tour. And as is typical to every metal fan I’ve ever met (and I’m sure pretty much every metal band), these guys were super nice, and they were super thankful for me taking the time to shoot their show. But at the end of the evening, the pleasure was all mine. And a new band to listen to. What’s better?

Were you at this show? Have you heard of these guys? Let me know your comments below.

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