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Updated: Feb 6, 2023

Archspire, Oli Peters, Stay Tech, Technical Death Metal, lead singer, heavy metal, solhouette
Archspire Frontman Oli Peters


Wow…. Just WOW!!!!

On May 5, 2022, I witnessed a Live Music event that was so full of energy, I guarantee it took the band and the crowd hours to come down from. A sub-genre of heavy metal called Technical Death Metal that is faster, extreme, and more brutal than you ever imagined. The band is from Canada’s west coast…. Vancouver, British Columbia. They are called Archspire, and they will melt your face off!

The Band

· Dean Lamb - Guitars

· Oli Peters - Vocals

· Spencer Prewett - Drums

· Jared Smith – Bass Guitar

· Tobi Morelli – Guitars

Armed with a double bass drum kit in the back, two 8 string guitars, and a 6-string bass, the band appeared, dressed in swim shorts, tanks, and tees. Ready for the beach, and ready to tear the walls down!

Archspire, Stay Tech, Technical Death Metal, The Opera House Toronto, Heavy Metal Band, Heavy Metal, Death Metal


· Remote Tumor Seeker

· Bleed the Future

· Abandon the Linear

· A Dark Horizontal

· Human Murmuration

· Golden Mouth of Ruin

· Involuntary Doppelganger

· Drone Corpse Aviator

The songs are intense… unrelenting… and bloody fast as hell. I have seen a lot of metal concerts in my time, and I can honestly say, I have never seen or heard anything as fast as these guys. The drumming is furious, the technicality and blistering speed of the strings is unfathomable, and the vocals are insane. I mean, if you don’t know these guys, and you don’t believe me, check out their video for “Bleed the Future”. I always find it kind of funny t hear vocals like this, and when the singer is having a chat with the crowd between songs, it’s a complete 180 degrees. Dare I say “gentle”? To give you a sense, lead singer Oli Peters told the crown that they stopped for a picnic in Ajax, Ontario earlier in the day. How is that for a band of this ilk? Well, if you don’t know, your stereotype is wrong. The dudes in this genre of music are really some of the nicest dudes you'll ever meet. Keep reading:

This is the kind of music that makes the crowd go crazy. And they were crazy on this night. The mosh pit was wicked, and the body surfing took me back 30 years. The smiles on the faces of the guys and gals (yes, gals) as security helped them down off the crowd was happiness at its best. Something we’ve missed for over 2 years. Everybody here is here for a good time. They were there to keep each other safe. And it’s always been that way at metal shows. It’s been a long time since I’ve been to a show like this, and it was a great pleasure to be there to shoot photos for the band.

Archspire Fans, Archspire, Stay Tech, Technical Death Metal, Metal Maniacs, Heavy Metal, Death Metal, Metal Fans, Devil Horns
The Fans

According to, Archspire is one of the top 5 best Technical Death Metal bands, and anybody at The Opera House show in Toronto on May 5, 2022 knows why. They have stood the test of time, having been around since 2007. With the intensity of the music, that’s got to be a lifetime. But I have a feeling they’re not going anywhere, anytime soon.

Have you heard of these guys? Ever see them live? Been to any intense shows lately? Leave a comment below, and don't forget to like, share and join our mailing list!


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