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LOCAL MUSIC SPOTLIGHT: Toronto's Bank Heist Bring New EP Fly Away

By: Jay Broderick - Bank Heist is a local Toronto band, creating alternative rock/hip-hop sounds, infused with funk, reggae, soul and psychedelia. To date, the band has recorded the EPs Do or Die, Lockdown, and Wasteboy. A music video for "Rain Will Fall", which appears on the Lockdown EP is available below. The track has a chill, trippy sound that makes you wanna lay back and enjoy the melodies. Speaking of trippy, the band released a brand new EP on April 20th, called Fly Away, which consists of 3 brand new tracks.

Track #1 - "Fly Away" brings a real Caribbean Island feel, highlighting the band's versatility. For us Canadians, Spring is on the doorstep. This track is a welcome sound for the changing of the seasons with hopes for sunnier, warmer days.

Track #2 - "LA" has a dancier vibe, still maintaining that groovy rhythm and beat that the first track has. It makes me want to be on a beach with a cold cerveza or heck, even something fruity and slushy!

Track #3 - "Let's Get High" is the final track on this new EP from Bank Heist. This track maintains the same party sounds, but now with a reggae tone (not reggaeton) within its gravelly vocals.

In total, this EP has a run time of only 5:09, but it showcases the band's different styles. Bank Heist is a multifaceted band, covering different genres in one unique sound. Don't shy away if you see them in a club near you!

Listen to the new EP here!

Bank Heist Are:

Sean Sollazzo - Vocals and Guitars

Sean Sollazzo of Bank Heist. Photo Credit: Enzo Giroldo

Brice Dunbarr - Drums and Vocals

Sean Oggy - Bass and Vocals

Brice Dunbaar of Bank Heist. Photo Credit: Enzo Giroldo
Sean Oggy of Bank Heist. Photo Credit: Enzo Giroldo

Find Bank Heist Online:

Photography By Enzo Giroldo:


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