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Toronto, Canada - Having been formed in 2005, Toronto's Frail Fragment are certainly no amateurs in the indie music world. The band has played a ton of shows throughout southern Ontario and even crossing over the border in New York. Their past successes have seen features on local Toronto music stations like 94.9 The Rock, 102.1 The Edge, and even nationally on Explore Music TV. After releasing their 5th full length album E-Fragments just over a year ago in 2022, the band is geared up to close out this year's Indie Night In Canada.

Frail Fragment has a completely unique sound that I can't quite match to anything else I have ever heard. At least nothing that easily comes to mind. There are a lot of different vibes with the band's style. Soft rhythmic tracks, haunting melodies, catchy hooks, time changes, and fast crunchy tempos don't allow you to box the group into one category. Lead singer/songwriter Len Lamana's vocals are also not easily classified. His range is unmistakably present, and his ability to switch from a classic rock style of the 60s and 70s, to 90s alternative rock and onto an angrier, throaty screaming mass of angst is very impressive.

On June 6, 2023, Frail Fragment take their show to Toronto's iconic El Mocambo, to close out an 18 band marathon at this year's Indie Night In Canada. The event is geared to promoting Canadian indie bands, industry professionals, and of course the fans that ultimately make it all happen. With an insanely original band like Frail Fragment closing out the evening, you have to know it's going to be one of the best ever.

In addition to his writing credit for the band, Lamana has also scored the horror/comedy film "The Last Slay Ride" which was released last year and can be seen on Apple TV, Amazon, and Tubi... just in case you needed some other reason to check out this show.

Frail Fragment Discography

E-Fragments - 2022

D-Fragments - 2020

B-Fragments - 2019

C-Fragments - 2014

Frail Fragments - 2010

Frail Fragment Online:


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