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Dave Matthews Band - New Album, New Single, New Tour

By Jay Broderick - Over the years, there have been bands that continually go on the road and tour for their fans. Amongst those, many have these cult like followings. You either get it, or you don't. Immediately, we would all think of The Grateful Dead. Another band that comes to my mind is Phish. For me, however, the one that I am completely enamored with is the Dave Matthews Band. Like clockwork, these guys hit the road for a summer tour extravaganza. Of course 2023 is not going to be any different.

While the summer tour is a common theme, this year will be in support of the band's first studio album since the 2018 release Come Tomorrow. The 5 year wait will end on May 19, 2023 when DMB releases Walk Around the Moon. As always, I am always gassed for any new music that comes our way.

I really started getting into the Dave Matthews Band in 2001 when they released their 4th studio album Everyday. The band's next release, 2002's Busted Stuff, contained a DVD with a few tracks from their live performance at Folsom Field in Colorado, and a note that stated that a full length DVD of the concert was "Coming Soon". When the DVD was released, I snatched it up, and I became completely hooked!! With the complex chord progressions of lead singer, guitarist Dave Matthews, the groovy bass guitar from Stefan Lessard, the horns and violins, and the beat in the back from drummer Carter Beauford, I have never seen a band have so much fun on stage. And it's completely contagious.

So here we go again! Although the band has already hit the road, this year's official "summer" tour is slated to start on May 19 in Woodlands, TX and is currently scheduled for 43 dates through September 3. Sadly, there are currently no Canadian dates on the dossier, but I will be completely shocked if it remains that way. I would fully expect a couple Canadian gigs to be added along the way.

With the new album, the Dave Matthews Band has released their first single "Madman's Eyes" and it's 100% the Dave Matthews Band we know and love!! Check it out here, and stay tuned for more news as it evolves.

How can you not love it???


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