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Updated: Feb 6, 2023

Nicely situated between Westney Road and Harwood Ave, on Ajax’s own piece of Bayly Street, sits one of Durham Regions premiere Live Music Venues, best known as The Edge Lounge.

Battling through 2 brutal years of Covid 19 lockdowns, The Edge Lounge has maintained their resiliency, tenacity, and perseverance and have come out punching.

Live Music, The Edge Lounge, Foreigner Meets Journey
Foreigner Meets Journey Plays The Edge Lounge in Ajax


On a consistent basis, The Edge Lounge is home to Live Music on Fridays and Saturdays. Throw in tribute shows on Thursdays, and open mic jam sessions on Sundays, and BAM! we’ve got ourselves enough Live Music Meat to really sink our teeth into. And we’re not just talking your run of the mill garage bands here (as fantastic as that even is). There is a constant flow of top-notch talent that cascades through this place. Look at this lineup of upcoming shows (and this is just a snapshot of the coming weeks):

- The Spitfire Kings – March 12, 2022

- The Ayden Jacobs Band – March 18, 2022

- The AC/DC Show – March 24, 2022

- Lucky 13 – March 25, 2022

- The Bomb – March 26, 2022

- Pearl Jamming – April 7, 2022

- Canada Roxx – April 9, 2022

Mixed in between are the jam nights, specific celebrations such as the St. Patrick’s Day Celebration featuring Acoustica.


Durham Region Live Music, Live Music Photography, The Edge Lounge, Foreigner Meets Journey
Foreigner Meets Journey Frontman Ian Jutson

On March 10, 2022, The Edge Lounge hosted a tribute band that rocks the music of 80s favourites Foreigner and Journey. Yep, you guessed it FMJ (Foreigner meets Journey). The 5 piece from Toronto includes:

· Ian Jutsun – the truly remarkable lead vocalist

· Mike Pelletier – keeping the beat on bass guitar

· Tim Gittens – Mike’s “beat” counterpart behind the kit, and a vocalist ala Phil Collins’ M-O

· Gary Lee Hill – blistering guitar

· Christina Melanie – this keyboardist/vocalist was unavailable on this evening but her fill in never missed a beat with the classic synth sound of both 80s bands

The crowd didn’t need very much coercing from Lead singer Ian Jutsun on this evening, but his interaction with the crowd was spot on. After their opening number, he let the crowd know that every time they play The Edge Lounge in Ajax “It Feels Like the First Time”, and they immediately broke into the Foreigner song of the same name. A witty engagement, and the evening was set.

As is typical for small venue shows, the band typically takes a break after their first set, but on this evening, at the close of their first set, drummer Tim Gittens broke out into a drum solo, and I can honestly say that I have never seen this during of gig this nature. I simply had to put my camera down and watch the performance.

The rest of the evening was all a similar vein. Blistering guitars, bass guitar beats, and iconic 80s keyboard sounds. The dancing and singing from this more mature crowd were evidence that they were returned to their youth by this tribute to 2 of the 1980s leaders in classic rock.


The Edge Lounge in Ajax is not only your run of the mill live music venue. As the name suggests, it’s a relaxing Lounge with comfy couches and chairs, fireplaces, large screen TVs to watch your favourite sports, and what’s a lounge without Pool Tables? They’re here as well.

And whether you are lounging, chatting with friends by the fireplace, shooting a game of pool, or watching a live music event, the restaurant is open. And the menu is fantastic! All your standard fair is here, but it’s not your "standard fair".

· Nachos

· Poutine

· Soups and salads

· Wraps

· Steak

· Souvlaki

· Stir fries

· Burgers

· Wings

AND LET’S NOT FORGET THE TAPS!!!!! Just don’t drink and drive!

My Favourite you ask? A Chicken Caesar Wrap and a Pint of Guinness!!

The Edge Lounge in Ajax is a local hotspot, and for good reason. But it’s not only reserved for locals. Patrons from across the region frequent Ajax’s #1 Live Music Venue, Lounge, and Restaurant. Need any other reason to check it out? I can’t think of one!

Let us know your favourite memory of The Edge Lounge in the comments below

Come see the rest of the images from the FMJ show here

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