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54-40: A Night of Nostalgia and Rock Energy

54-40 perform live at Fallsview Casino in Niagara Falls Canada. Photo Credit: Dan Duffin

By: Dan Duffin

Niagara Falls, Canada - On Thursday 23rd May,  Fallsview Casino played host to a wonderful triple act music show featuring an incredible lineup of Canadian rock talent. The Pursuit of Happiness, The Watchmen, and headline act 54:40 delivered a night of superb performances that delighted an absolutely packed audience.

The Pursuit of Happiness perform live at Fallsview Casino. Photo Credit: Dan Duffin

First up, The Pursuit of Happiness took the stage and it was clear that the band was on a mission to get the crowd moving. Led by the inimitable Moe Berg, the group tore through a 30 minute setlist of their hits, including "I'm an Adult Now" and "She's So Young." Berg's signature wit and charm shone through and the band's energy was infectious.


The Watchmen perform live in Niagara Falls, Canada. Photo Credit: Dan Duffin

After a short break, The Watchmen hit the stage and brought their unique blend of rock to the stage. The Winnipeg-based quartet has been a staple of the Canadian music scene for decades, and it showed in their performance. Lead singer Danny Greaves' powerful vocals soared as the band played hits like "Nothing Left to Lose" and "Stereo." I was particularly impressed as Greaves launched into a one man Acapella that silenced the room and followed this up with a solo performance on the KORG SV-1 stage piano featuring a distorted piano patch and more impressive vocals. He did have to pause to borrow a stick of gum from the audience to “whet the pipes” and this was a fun moment for the crowd.

54-40 perform live at Fallsview Casino. Photo Credit: Dan Duffin

Finally, at around 10pm  it was time for the headlining act, 54:40, to take the stage. Starting from complete darkness the stage suddenly came to life as the band opened with “Nice to Luv You”. The Vancouver-based band has been a mainstay of Canadian rock for over three decades, and clearly play very well together and off each other.. Lead singer Neil Osbourne’s distinctive voice and catchy lyrics were the perfect complement to Matt Johnson’s drum rhythms and Dave Genn and Brad Merrit’s guitar riffs. The crowd relished the set as 54:40 played a mix of old and new material.

I have to say that one of the standout aspects of the evening was the friendship between the three bands. It was clear that they were all longtime fans of each other's music.

Dave Genn of 54-40. Photo Credit: Dan Duffin

Throughout the night, the sound and lighting at OLG Stage Fallsview Casino were fantastic, perfectly capturing each band's performance. The venue seats around 5000 and its unique layout allows the audience to remain connected to the music and the musicians, making the experience quite something. High quality cameras around the arena capture close ups and project them onto two large screens left and right of the stage. Sadly for us photographer’s we are positioned in a location approximately 200 feet from the main stage, which is less than desirable.

Nevertheless this was a wonderful evening at Fallsview Casino. The Pursuit of Happiness, The Watchmen, and 54:40 delivered unique and memorable performances that clearly delighted the full audience. If you're a fan of Canadian rock or just great music in general, do yourself a favor and catch these bands live whenever you can.

54-40 Setlist

Nice to Luv You

Lies to Me

Miss You

Baby Ran

Radio Luv Song

Vodka Surprise

One Gun

One Day in Your Life

She La

Since When

Casual Viewin'

Ocean Pearl



Angel From Montgomery (John Prine cover)

I Go Blind

Love You All


54-40 perform live in Niagara Falls, Canada. Photo Credit: Dan Duffin

I heard the term Canadian music royalty mentioned more than once. Having seen the show. I tend to agree.


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show date: May 23, 2024



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